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Wedding Photography in Bristol

When you’re planning you’re wedding day, remember that perhaps the most important aspect of it will be the memories you keep. Think about it – who is responsible for creating the future memories (the beautiful dress, the happy faces, the cringes at the best man’s speech etc.) if not the photographer? So, choosing a wedding photographer in Bristol is not a task to be taken lightly.


wedding photography


If you’ve chosen the right wedding photographer, you can relax on your big day, knowing you’ve entrusted your special memories to a professional. The wedding photographer is the guardian of your memories, so choosing a wedding photographer in Bristol is vital to the success of your special day.

However, choosing a wedding photographer need not be difficult, in fact it can be fun and inspiring if done methodically and correctly – which hopefully this article will help you with!


wedding photography

Here’s five tips to choosing a wedding photographer in Bristol


These days, it’s almost too easy to research online for professionals such as wedding photographers. Anyone that takes their business and vocation seriously should have at least a website, and social media accounts (Instagram being especially popular), so it should be relatively easy to check their past work and ‘bona fides’.

Things to look out for :-

  • past portfolio of wedding photography
  • references or testimonials of previous weddings
  • quality and standard of their online content
  • enquiry and contact forms
  • any form of rating system such as Feefoo or Trustpilot, where validated feedback can be given


Other than online research, ‘word of mouth’ is also a terrific reference for choosing a wedding photographer in Bristol.

Ask other people that have been married in the area, or friends, family or work colleagues for recommendations. Ask at your proposed venue or preferred suppliers – often companies have worked on weddings with photographers that they can vouch for.

Cost vs Value

It’s difficult to know what a ‘decent’ rate is for a wedding photographer, so it’s vital that you request a detailed quote showing breakdown of costs. Some wedding photographers may charge by number of photographs, or hours or work, or even a ‘lump sum’ for the day. Be clear exactly what the final cost is likely to be, especially in terms of any potential extra costs or add-ons.

Once you’ve established a likely cost for a wedding photographer in Bristol, you have a base to compare to others. However, cost is only one element, and should be considered against value.

For example, you may have a wedding photographer that seems low cost, but with a potential for high costs if any extra costs apply (e.g. more photographs, time delays etc.).

Another example could be one wedding photographer seems far more expensive than the others, but perhaps has a higher demand, better reputation or a far stronger portfolio.

Consequently it’s important to consider the value in choosing a wedding photographer in Bristol rather than the cost. You may prefer a low cost but think if in the future you may look back and realise you should have opted for a better value wedding photographer.

Extras and ideas

New ideas seem to be occurring more in weddings these days, such as photo booths or even upload sites (where all guests can upload their own wedding photos).

When choosing a wedding photographer in Bristol, ask if they offer any additional services such as these, as it will often be cheaper and less hassle if these can be arranged through the wedding photographer.

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